Full membership–£14
Membership is open to all Church-going, practising Christians, aged 16 and over, with a desire to spread the Christian message through the performing arts. Joint Membership for two members of the same family in the same household is available for £20 and each other member £7

Friend – £10 (minimum)
SHADES became a charity in 1998, enabling it to receive sponsorship to support its productions. In order to continue its aim to reach out into, and compete with, the secular world of drama, it needs to stage quality productions that will convincingly convey Christ’s Gospel.
Therefore, if you feel unable to join, but wish to support SHADES in its aims, you can become a Friend. As a Friend you may attend all activities of the Company, but you would not have a voting right at General Meetings. You will receive a monthly newsletter giving details of forthcoming productions and functions to which you would be most welcome. Although there is no set yearly sponsorship amount, we ask for a minimum donation of £10 per person.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION : Download our Brochure/Application Form, complete and return it with your initial subscription. If you have any questions, complete the contact form below.