2017 The Death and Life of EVERYMAN

During October  The Death and Life of Everyman
was performed at four venues.

Saturday 14th October at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Centre,
Thursday 19th October at St John the Baptist Church,
Saturday 21st October at Salvation Army Citadel,
Wednesday 25th October at St John the Evangelist Church.

The Death and Life of Everyman’ is a humorous, contemporary adaptation
by Patrick Dorn of the 15th-century morality play.

Photographs and video clips can be found if you scroll down below the cast:


EVERYMAN                       Rob Cooke (Player 12)
HERALD                             David Henty (Player 11)
ADONAI                              Julian Rumball (Player 8)
MORTICIA                         Betty Simpson (Player 9)
HOME BOY                        Heather Brown (Player 6)
MUM                                    Betty Simpson (Player 9)
BETTY CASH                     Heather Brown (Player 6)
MITZI MERIT                   Lucy Skelton (Player 3)
SANDY                                Heather Brown (Player 6)
EVERYBOY                        Adrian Rust (Player 2)
SIS                                        Lindsay Stevens (Player 4)
EVERYTEEN                      Adrian Rust (Player 2)
DAD                                      Julian Rumball (Player 8)
EVERYGUY                         Adrian Rust (Player 2)
SISTER ST. BERNARD    Sue Chance (Player 100010)
BRUTUS                              Zachary Allen (Player 7)
BONITA                               Sue Chance (Player 10)
MENSTAT                           Heather Brown (Player 6)
PASSIONATA                     Lucy Skelton (Player 3)
PLAYER 1                            Charmaine Hill (Player 1)
PLAYER 5                            Charlie Cooke (Player 5)

Directors                              David Henty and Adrian Rust
Lighting Operator              Zachary Allen
Costumes                             Julie Henty
Props                                    Belinda Stewart
Balladeer                             Adrian Rust
Drum                                   Kathryn Bristow

(click photographs to view the originals in a larger format)

Prologue : Herald “Hark ye mortals foe and friend”

Scene 1 : Adonai and Angels

Scene 1 : Morticia and Adonai







Scene 1 : Morticia summons Everyman from audience

Scene 1 : Morticia and Everyman

Scene 2 Home Boy and Everyman







Scene 2 : PHAT Birds

Scene 2 : Everyman and Mum

Scene 3 : Betty Cash, Everyman and Players ready to pop balloons







Scene 4 : Everyman and Mitzi Merit

Scene 4 : Everyboy and Sandy

Scene 4 : Sis and Everyteen







Scene 4 : Mitzi Merit, Everyguy and Dad “I just want to look at you”

Scene 5 : Everyman is given a kneeler

Scene 5 : The seven deadly sins







Scene 5 : The seven deadly sins; all arrive

Scene 5 : “Take your sins to the cross”

Scene 5 : “The Blood of Christ shed for your salvation.”







Scene 7 : “Don’t I know you from somewhere?”

Scene 6 : Brutus Passsionata Menstat and Bonita

Scene 7 : Swing Lo







Finale : “Sh! – It’s for you!”

Finale : “This is the end of Everyman”






VIDEO CLIPS of the production will be published within a few days.
YOUTUBE will contain extended clips of both ACT ONE and ACT TWO also within the next few days.

A professional DVD of the show for just £12, can be purchased from Howard White.
Contact him at howard@howardnwhite.f9.co.uk

The total audience figure at the four venues was about 200 and £400 was donated to CSWH for their much-needed funds to continue their valuable work with local schools and academies.

Should you wish to contribute to CSWH financially there are two ways to do this:
Contact Roger Mitchell on 01424 422299 at email: avvk28@dsl.pipex.com and request:
1.  a CSWH brochure to set up a Standing Order (or make a one-off donation by cheque in favour of Hastings Christian Trust).
2.  a CSWH Penny-box and fill it over time with small change.
The CSWH brochure also enables you to offer as a volunteer to help at various CSWH activities in schools and academies. Training is provided and clearance through the Disclosure and Barring Service is a must. This can be arranged quite simply.
You can also ask to receive termly news updates for prayer.

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