Summer Tea 2017

tea party

SATURDAY 19th August

3 – 5 p.m.

This year’s SHADY Summer Tea will again be held in the garden of Sally Marchant
at 110 Ashford Road
(Click for a GOOGLE MAP ) OR snuggled into the kitchen if wet.
Old -fashioned board games will be on hand for the bored
cost £3

NO DOGS PLEASE (except  those for the blind)


Here are some photos of the event in 2015
SHADES Summer Tea 2015 bSHADES Summer Tea 2015 cSHADES Summer Tea 2015 eSHADES Summer Tea 2015 fSHADES Summer Tea 2015 gSHADES Summer Tea 2015 iSHADES Summer Tea 2015 j

Watch this video clip to see what Sally is doing!
Waitress Sally Part One
Watch this clip to see if she succeeds
Waitress Sally Part Two



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