2016 Alternative Accommodation

On Wednesday February 3rd and Friday February 5th  SHADES performed Alternative Accommodation at St Peter and St Paul’s Church Centre and His Place Community Church respectively. Alternative Accommodation is a comedy with a serious social message relevant to today’s society.

Pics and question mark

Photographs and video clips can be found if you scroll down below the cast:

Anna:                               Betty Simpson
Peter:                               Rob Cooke
Joy:                                  Jeannette Martin
Gemma:                          Nicky Roper

Production Team
Director:                         Sally Marchant
Sound Technician:       Zachary Allen

My Favourite Things (by Graham Harris):                     Jeannette Martin
The Cupboard Under The Stairs (by Sally Marchant): Sally Marchant/Nicola Roper
Asbo Granny (by Sally Marchant):                                    Sally Marchant
Vote of Thanks:                                                                       Betty Simpson


Video clips

Alternative Accommodation
Clip 1 The Family
Clip 2 Dementia
Clip 3 Suppose she lived with us
Clip 4 Bullet points

Clip 5 Alternative accommodation
Clip 7 Driving lesson

Clip 6 Here are my bullet points
Clip 8 Florida
Clip 9 Harry

Clip 10a Racehorse – email
Clip 10b Fun in the Sun – Finale

Skits and Poems
Clip 11 My Favourite Things
Clip 12 The Cupboard Under the Stairs

Clip 13 Asbo Granny
Clip 14 Vote of Thanks

Video on YouTube of EXCERPTS from Saturday’s Performance
Alternative Accommodation PART ONE
Alternative Accommodation PART TWO
Skits and Poems

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