2016 Alternative Accommodation

Alternative Accommoddation

  was performed at two venues

St Peters and St Paul’s Church Centre

Parkstone Road, Hastings TN34 2NT


His Place Community Church

Robertson Street, Hastings TN34
This was a Charity performance in aid of Hope Kitchen Hastings

Both funny and thought provoking, Alternative Accommodation is a comedy with a serious social message relevant to today’s society. Recently widowed, Anna is visited by her three children, who feel their elderly mother is possibly suffering from dementia and needs to move out of the family home. Whilst Anna is out of the room, the children consider all the possibilities for their mother. These include sharing her round the three of them and moving her to a residential home or sheltered housing. Whatever they feel should happen to Anna, it’s decided the family home should be sold.
This play explores not only the children’s concerns for their mother but also their differences over the possible solutions and the anguish we all may feel when confronted with this situation.
A surprising twist at the end reveals that Anna is certainly compos mentis, having already sold the house and is going on a long holiday to Florida with the new man in her life!

The two audiences totally over 100 enjoyed the show immensely, with a lot of laughter, especially on Saturday night coming from the front row, in which sat the Mayor, our MP and Bishop of Lewes!

Congratulations to the director and four members of the cast for such commendable performances. The characters were all so credible and individual, as were their relationships with each other and the children with their mother.

Due to illnesses the show had been postponed from November. Planned sketches had to be cancelled and in their place the Director, Sally Marchant , and the cast performed a number of poems and skits on the same theme of ageing folk. These were all hilarious and delivered superbly.  Overall a most enjoyable and successful evening by all who were there and all who took part.

Sally pointed out that SHADES is all about praying together and friendship and both of these aspects were strengthened and fostered during the rehearsals and performances. She felt too that the message “Here are folk in their 40’s 60’s 70’s DOING. The Lord has given us gifts and skills.  We may not be worthy of BAFTA but we are showing what can be done for the Lord.  SHADES means all age, all abilities”.

The casts of the sketches, photographs and video clips can be viewed on the Gallery Page, as well as excerpts on Youtube.
A DVD by Howard White is available should anyone wish to see the show. Contact David Henty on 440076 or email david.henty@shadestheatre.com

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