2015 Out of the SHADE into the LIGHT

On Saturday May 9th and Sunday May 10th St Peter and St Paul’s Church held an Outreach Weekend entitled Out of the SHADE into the LIGHT, at which we were invited to perform all our  Repertoire 2015 sketches.

Invitation P & P Outreach Weekend May 9th 2015 a

Saturday May 9th was an Evening of Drama and Music, when SHADES Theatre Company was invited to perform seven of its nine Tour 2015 repertoire sketches. One of our members, Heather Brown, provided links between the sketches by way of a brief outline of what each sketch can mean to us. Other entertainment included music and singing, by the Friday Singers, Bryan Skinner and Adrian Rust. The entertainment was followed by a light buffet.

This was a very successful evening and it received a lot of positive feedback. An audience of 66 enjoyed the humour and thought-provoking content of the seven sketches. The church was thrilled to have such an evening as an outreach opportunity. The singers were really good with great harmonic sounds. Heather linked the whole evening as MC and gave brief illuminating talks about the sketches.

On  Sunday May 10th, also at St Peter and St Paul’s, the final two sketches were performed in a follow-up Guest Service. This included a fascinating testimonial by Dave Fuggle and the Minister Luke Dean spoke excellently about what the sketches mean to each one of us – how we cannot call ourselves a proper member of an organisation unless we actually take part; that we need to use the facilities in a gym and take part to be a proper member;  that we have to make that initial step into the water to become a real swimmer; and to move out of our comfort zone from the shore into deeper waters in order to be a proper fisherman.

Overall a most enjoyable and successful evening by all who were there and all who took part.

The casts of the sketches, photographs and video clips can be viewed on the Gallery Page.
A DVD by Howard White is available should anyone wish to see the show. Contact David Henty on 440076 or email david.henty@shadestheatre.com

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