2009 Tour

The Rose and Crown by J.B.Priestley


STONE : Tom Cooke
MRS REED : Heather Brown
IVY RANDALL : Annette Porter/Amy Shortman
MA PECK : Betty Simpson
HARRY TULLY : Robert Cooke
STRANGER : Ian McNulty/David Henty

Feeding the Hungry : Julie Henty, Shirley Green and John Lyttle/Tom Cooke
The Registrar : Tricia Jackson, Amy Shortman and Rob Cooke
Nativity Scene : Heather Brown, Tom Cooke and Annette Porter
Praying Mantis : Allan Wood, Julie Henty and Betty Simpson
Happy Days (poem) : Ian McNulty/Betty Simpson
Yes : Ian McNulty and Tricia Jackson/Julie Henty and David Henty
Herod and the Child : Rob Cooke and Tom Cooke
A Tomb with a View : Julie Henty, David Henty and Rob Cooke
Kate (a Poem) : Pam Reade
The Centurion : Allan Wood
Thieves Paradise : Ian McNulty and Tom Cooke
In at the Deep End : Julie Henty and David Henty
When I’m an Old Man/Woman and Live with my Kids (Poem) : Ian McNulty/Heather Brown
The Dead Parrot : John Lyttle and Julian Anderson
Mourning has Broken : Julie Henty and David Henty

Members and Friends of SHADES

Thank you and all the SHADES cast for the splendid evening which you gave us at Fairlight in September. We, and the two Catholic friends who came with us, felt that you excelled yourselves in the witty and well-paced programme. The Cooke brothers really are going from strength, and are beginning to show real authority in their acting. Having said this, you were all impressive, and obviously had a very good rapport with the audience.
Rev’d Helen Patten



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