2007 Seven Ages of Man

October 20th and 21st 2007 at Phoenix Arts Centre, Hastings

What is the meaning of life?
What was the significance of the birth of Jesus Christ?
The Seven Ages of Man reflects on what Christ’s life has to say to each one of us as we move through the different (st)ages of our own lives.

The compilation of this revue is due to the hard work of  John Lyttle, whom many of you will remember as one of the founders of SHADES back in the early 1980s at St Helen’s C. of E. Ore.

Explaining his vision and concept for this show, John writes;

 “The Pythonesque view comes down to seeing life as finally meaningless and the best we can do is ‘always look on the bright side of life’, but can say nothing about how or why we should, or indeed may, do this, particularly when life does not appear to have a ‘bright side’.
The birth of Jesus Christ 2000 years ago shows us, at the very least, that our own lives possess a value which goes far beyond the continuous determination to keep going because there’s no alternative to despair.  
Employed effectively by the character Jacques in Shakespeare’s As You Like It, we may use the vehicle of the ‘Seven Ages of Man’, which itself portrays a cynical basis, to give a framework for looking at different aspects of human life and attempt to show that the Incarnate God has something to say to us in our progression through the Seven Ages. They have had to be interpreted somewhat freely, as it’s difficult to find material to make an Age that just has material about Judges or Soldiers, but it is nevertheless possible to examine one key feature extracted from those Ages. For example, the Soldier – the self-centred ‘My Way’ part of us; the Judge – the self-satisfied, greedy part.”

For photographs, video clips and reviews, go to the Gallery

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